As I sit here with pen in hand
No longer stressing because I now understand
Something that for so many years I’ve fought in attempts to grasp
A presence beyond just the concept, of you…..

What has more than perplexed me
Is the simplistic complexity
By which you exist and have always successfully
Made it apparent there is no existence, without you…..

Perhaps the reason you’ve enticed me so much
Is because I couldn’t quite fathom how something that plays such
A monumental role in life would be immune to even touch
But then again that’s what makes you, you…..

The most immediate excuse
For so many to use
For things they could not do
Is not having enough of you
Even I too
Have been portrayed as the fool
Pushing off what I need
Saying I’ll always have you

The direct motivation
For love ballads and poems
And that thing which is said
To help true love grow so strong
What a sould child of music
Even dedicated a song
While you yourself wait for nothing
But everything takes you to move on

So my hat I take off
And salute you for your role
In insuring that all things
Can function as a whole
Not a being, nor a soul
With greater ties to the divine
For no other being, nor soul
Could play the role of Time.

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