What Is Love

What is Love…?

L – losing yourself in emotion, wrapping yourself in affection, and committing yourself to devotion
O – opening your heart, mind, and soul in the belief that this is what you need. Believing that this love in all facets of life will be strong enough to give you what you need.
V – valuing the essence of all that is love; all that exists in the heart of emotion. Seeking to fill the void developed over time.
E – existing purely for that which makes you feel whole. That which is born, nourished and developed in the light LOVE…

Because of Love…

L – losing more than self, giving all that is available with the belief that it will satisfy this LOVE.
O – opening the depths of the heart. Only to have them filled with the pain of losing that which is sought so much.
V – valuing only that which no longer exists, that which was once a desire becomes nothing more than a silenced whisper.
E – everything that remains of my heart, slowly diminishes to nothing, nothing but a silhouette of a dream that was once LOVE…

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