I exist within the depths of her being
Buried beneath the constriction of layers
And emotionally built barriers,
Barriers that have all been erected
Under the pain driven misconception
That they are made for my protection

But I miss my beat….

I remember the days, though now oh so vaguely,
When those walls didn’t exist, and I could beat so freely,
Love and passion filled me up completely
And though her mind oft played the fool, none could ever deceive me,
Until the day she laid eyes on you

And I skipped a beat….

At first, it didn’t mean a thing to me
Just a bump in the road of our seamless reality,
But in that moment I let down my guard, your heart started to speak to me
And with a ballad smooth enough to make and Angel give up her wings,
You made me weak,

And again, I skipped a beat

Like unexpected poison you infiltrated her mind,
Maneuvering your way further into her system,
And at that point when you had reached me,
And had finally gained control of us completely,
You walked away

And I lost my beat….

Because of you, she does not allow me to speak
You’ve caused an affinity for you that somehow still makes me weak
I once beat with the strength of a thousand drums,
And sang with the chords of the perfect life symphony,
And yet, I now exist within the depths of her being,
Buried beneath the constriction of barriers,
As a heart that has lost its beat.

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