The Glass

Looking into the glass
I know not what I see
Is what I see real
Or was it created by me

A constantly asked question
The answer eternally unknown
How am I to accept and love
When no love was ever shown

No life present for me to admire
Forced to form my own mold
No one for me to say is mine
When struggling, no one to grab hold

As I continue to stare into the glass
I question the image there
Possessing qualities of unknown origin
And wondering why I do not care

Forced to learn life’s lessons alone
No one there with wisdom to guide me
No physical presence to be an example
Only learning from what is behind me

No longer can I see the image once there
For now it fades to black
And now seeing through to the other side
And wondering what could be looking back.

An excerpt from “Life & Poetry”

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