Only You

A mind filled with thoughts
Yet, not one can be explained
Not wanting to know the truth
For it fears the chance of pain
Groups of thoughts together
Form visions of the unknown
A mind confused and lost
Left to heal alone

No help for this poor soul
For no one sees the hurt
For it keeps it buried inside
As earth’s core beneath the dirt
What to do this mind wonders
When no choice seems truly clear
The only choice, an unknown path
The outcome is what is feared

How do you distinguish
Between confusion and deceit
For each causes intense pain
And causes your heart and mind to weep
Lost but really found
Confused yet understanding
Traveling down life’s path
Which is truly too demanding

Yet, all that’s left for you
Is the live it out and let it go
And hope that it works out
Whether it will, no one knows
Can you finish this journey
Or will it force an early end
Will you make it on throughout
You only have you to depend.

Excerpt From “Life & Poetry”

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