Situations II: Jaded Ambitions

The follow up to the acclaimed debut Street Lit/Urban Fiction novel “Situations” from Author James Sanders. Coming Spring 2018


Wrought In Blood

 As Lead Detective of the Investigative Subdivision of the Columbus Police Department, Katherine Bath has been involved in solving some of the most disturbing and notarized cases in the city’s history. But after being awakened by a phone call shortly after midnight on her birthday, she finds herself involved in one of the most shocking and disturbing cases of her career…a gruesome, and seemingly ritualistic murder of a young small business owner.

She and her partner, Detective Clarence Buxton, must immerse themselves into the hidden culture of the gothic underground, in pursuit of a serial killer with a sadistic bloodlust, and ancestral ties to Katherine & her family. Will they be able to stop the killer before the apex of The Awakening? Or will Katherine find herself as another cog in the repeating darkness?


For as long as he could remember, Deontay “Dee” Curry has always
sought to be different from other young brothers in his city. With first-
hand experience of witnessing murder at a very young age, he told
himself that he would do whatever it takes to get out of Saginaw for
good. When his cousin Jayson presents him with an offer to be a part
of his move to take over the city’s drug scene, Dee sees it as a perfect
opportunity for him to make enough money to do just that. But the allure
of the drug game has been embedded in his family’s DNA for years. Will
he be able to hustle his way out of the city, or will the familiar ghosts of
his family’s past ensnare him as well?

Jayson “Jay” Bryan is a small level drug dealer with high level aspirations.
Having grown up in a household environment of drug use, dealing, and
money in the projects of Saginaw, he was introduced to a hustler’s lifestyle
early in life. Even though he’s only a street level pusher, he has big plans
of taking over the “Big Time” drug king status once held by his father. With
a small crew comprised of only those he trusts the most, Jay will stop at
nothing to reach his goal, no matter the amount of destruction and blood-
shed he causes in the process