Reality TV

My first ever poetic duet. I hope you all enjoy it.


In a relationship that may have been doomed from the start,
I handed you the remote control to my heart
Because even without rings, in my dreams you would sing
The song of til death do us part
When in actuality in reality you chose to set the DVR
And said you’d get back to loving me later

To outsiders it appeared that we were on the same channel
People watched us and became envious
But they had no idea that we were stuck on the same station
Replaying the same episodes
Rewinding old outcomes and never celebrating
Because our series was seemingly cancelled

And yet I still waited, though I often contemplated
That our first step toward a future of forevers, would never take place
Even with the proof that Cupid is known for playing favorites
I held on, convinced that because I had waited for so long
Your heart would soon return from its extended hiatus,
Catch up to mine before it ran out of memory
And forgot what real love felt like

Then like a flash of lightning it struck me all at once
We were headed for syndication, with only one episode left
I extended my hand for the controls I gave you
Only to find you had sat the remote down a long time ago
With nothing left to hold on to, there was but one thing to do
Take a bow, bid farewell and recapture what initially belonged to me

And with the remaining shards of my heart still visible on my sleeves,
I slowly step back into the blackness of this new reality,
And as the credits roll I still hear that song from my dreams, and I bid you adieu,
With hopes that no one is ever chosen to replay these roles,
And their hearts are never pained from being exposed
To this same script, with them as the different cast.

On my first ever poetic duet, I was fortunate enough to work with Ms. C. Burks. A talented writer that doesn’t give herself enough credit :-). Check her blog out at

At First Dance

In a moment in which only confusion seems to exist,
The reality in which I dream begins to transcend
The boundaries of the reality in which I live
Causing my perception of this moment to both wind and unwind
Creating within my mind a feeling of in-balance

And like the silhouette of the most beautiful enchantress
At the blurred edge of my reality, you appear
And with every single movement of your hips,
Whether it be subtle or intense, I find myself trapped
Entranced by the rhythmic poetry of your dance

Feeling that the spirits of which I have partaken have overtaken me,
Yet, with a newfound level of confidence in uncertainty I proceed,
Beginning the journey across the unsteady abyss of bodies in motion
Drawn ever closer, intoxicated by your aura inflicting me like a potion
Unintentionally hoping for this to be more than just a chance

And as the totality of our distance goes from immense to only mere inches
And the maestro plays a ballad of soulful bliss in the background
With an increase in the rhythmic melody of my heartbeat
As the enticement of your attraction completely overtakes me, I reach
And grab control of this chance when I grab ahold of your hand and ask

May I have this dance?


“An excerpt from “Life & Poetry” Image credit to ”

A high heavenly body
Presented to the world
On earth to be adored
In the form of a beautiful girl
Or rather, I should say you lady
With beauty heavenly high
Unmatched in all of your ways
A true blessing in disguise
Encountering such a being
God sent straight from above
A love so unbelievably strong
A love I’m always thinking of
Now I know it’s true
And undoubtedly it’s real
I’m in love with an earthly angel
And that is just how I feel
My heart, my thoughts, and my actions
Are now focused on one single goal
My love must be received
By this God sent earthly Angel.

“An excerpt from “Life & Poetry” Image credit to “”

A Realization

You were never once there
Yet my faith kept you present
Regardless of my useless attempts
Attempting to remove
Those thoughts from my mind
And make them truly nonexistent
Nonexistent to me
Just as the time spent together
Between us, it is very unreal
After walking away
Any chance between us
To form a bond has truly been sealed
I wanted you there
For the firsts I’ve experienced
Throughout the days of my life
Yet no longer do I need you
In any facet of life
For alone I have discerned wrong from right
Looking around me
I notice my friends
And admit that I am often jealous
The constant reminders
From the joys of fellow boys
That without you I have now missed
Yet I have learned to grow
And continually move on
For this life is my very own to live
And no longer shall I attempt
To help you experience
That thing for you that I once had to give.

“Early writing from years back, and an excerpt from “Life & Poetry”

Only You

A mind filled with thoughts
Yet, not one can be explained
Not wanting to know the truth
For it fears the chance of pain
Groups of thoughts together
Form visions of the unknown
A mind confused and lost
Left to heal alone

No help for this poor soul
For no one sees the hurt
For it keeps it buried inside
As earth’s core beneath the dirt
What to do this mind wonders
When no choice seems truly clear
The only choice, an unknown path
The outcome is what is feared

How do you distinguish
Between confusion and deceit
For each causes intense pain
And causes your heart and mind to weep
Lost but really found
Confused yet understanding
Traveling down life’s path
Which is truly too demanding

Yet, all that’s left for you
Is the live it out and let it go
And hope that it works out
Whether it will, no one knows
Can you finish this journey
Or will it force an early end
Will you make it on throughout
You only have you to depend.

Excerpt From “Life & Poetry”

The Glass

Looking into the glass
I know not what I see
Is what I see real
Or was it created by me

A constantly asked question
The answer eternally unknown
How am I to accept and love
When no love was ever shown

No life present for me to admire
Forced to form my own mold
No one for me to say is mine
When struggling, no one to grab hold

As I continue to stare into the glass
I question the image there
Possessing qualities of unknown origin
And wondering why I do not care

Forced to learn life’s lessons alone
No one there with wisdom to guide me
No physical presence to be an example
Only learning from what is behind me

No longer can I see the image once there
For now it fades to black
And now seeing through to the other side
And wondering what could be looking back.

An excerpt from “Life & Poetry”

Life & Poetry Release

Peace everyone. I’m excited to say that I’ve official published my first ebook on Amazon. “Life & Poetry: Early Poetic Expressions” is available for purchase via Just click on the photo link on my sidebar or Life & Poetry to purchase the Kindle Ebook or Life & Poetry. It’s a collection of my early works of poetry. Thanks in advance for the support & feedback. Hope you enjoy. One luv ~J. Sanders


I exist within the depths of her being
Buried beneath the constriction of layers
And emotionally built barriers,
Barriers that have all been erected
Under the pain driven misconception
That they are made for my protection

But I miss my beat….

I remember the days, though now oh so vaguely,
When those walls didn’t exist, and I could beat so freely,
Love and passion filled me up completely
And though her mind oft played the fool, none could ever deceive me,
Until the day she laid eyes on you

And I skipped a beat….

At first, it didn’t mean a thing to me
Just a bump in the road of our seamless reality,
But in that moment I let down my guard, your heart started to speak to me
And with a ballad smooth enough to make and Angel give up her wings,
You made me weak,

And again, I skipped a beat

Like unexpected poison you infiltrated her mind,
Maneuvering your way further into her system,
And at that point when you had reached me,
And had finally gained control of us completely,
You walked away

And I lost my beat….

Because of you, she does not allow me to speak
You’ve caused an affinity for you that somehow still makes me weak
I once beat with the strength of a thousand drums,
And sang with the chords of the perfect life symphony,
And yet, I now exist within the depths of her being,
Buried beneath the constriction of barriers,
As a heart that has lost its beat.


Achieving a dream
Is a task we all seek
Yet one that seems so hard to grasp
At times we may believe
That we have touched a dream
But it is temporary and does not last
Although dreams are like goals
Set without even knowing
Like goals they too must be set forth
And you must now believe
That regardless of how it occurs
To reach your dream you must follow a course.