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Hello all :-). First off, I apologize for the extended hiatus from my writing/posting. There have been a number of major things happening over the past month (anniversary, job change, relocation, etc.). With that said, it’s time to get back to the fun. This piece is an excerpt from Life & Poetry: Early Poetic Expressions. Make sure you get your copy of Life & Poetry by clicking the image of the book cover at the bottom right of the page. It’s an earlier piece I wrote while dealing with a situation of loss at that time. Happy reading 🙂

The cause of much grief,
And sickness in your heart
Pain in your soul
Nonexistent from the start
Its purpose, I know not
A mystery to almost all
Why the greatest of God’s gifts
Always seem to fall
So deep and strong the pain
Filling one’s heart and mind
Filling them with wonder
Of why you were left behind
I always ask the question
Yet, the answer is never clear
But I know it will cause pain
And this pain is what I fear
Sorrow, grief and anger
Are part of what I feel
Yet, knowing that they’ll remain
Is a wound that cannot heal
It hurts now more than ever
For I have felt it time and again
The hurt that one can only feel
From the loss of a close friend
One will never know
How much they can truly take
Before the strands of their heart and sanity
Will give in and break
Yet, you feel that point of weakness
Drawing closer each moment in time
And you know the day will come
When that time will fully unwind
But there’s nothing you can do
No way you can avoid it
For anything you use to hold it
The pain will soon destroy it
The only thing you can do is wait
For your point in time to hit
And when that point hits
All you can do is accept it
Never will I doubt God
But of him I will always wonder
How he could allow this pain
To take us slowly under
There’s nothing else to say
Nothing else that one can do
For when that point hits you
You’ll truly know if it’s you.